Brussels Philharmonic | Ligeti & his aesthetic credo

Ligeti & his aesthetic credo

Jan Michiels & György Ligeti

On April 26 and 27 april, Jan Michiels plays the Concerto for Piano and Orchestra by György Ligeti with the Brussels Philharmonic under the direction of Kazushi Ono.
"He calls the language of his Piano Concerto his aesthetic credo. ... The imaginary ethnological musical landscape that Ligeti envisioned would lie somewhere between Africa, the Balkans and the Caribbean… Welcome to this five-part Kilviria!"
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Ligeti Bartok c Wouter Van Vaerenbergh 1

Ligeti <> Bartók · 26.04.2024 · Flagey

Traditional folk melodies, intricate rhythms, and innovative techniques form a rich musical foundation shared by the grandmasters Béla Bartók and György Ligeti.

2023 Brussels Philharmonic Rachmaninov Festival c Wouter Van Vaerenbergh 252

Liget Deconstructed: Pianoconcerto · Florestan Bataillie · 26.04..2024

Pianist Florestan Bataillie unravels all the secrets of György Ligeti's unique piano concerto during this musical lecture. Explore the historical backdrop, unravel the construction nuances of this masterpiece, and demystify terms such as polymetrics and 'aksak.'

Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or simply curious, all are invited, and prior knowledge is not a prerequisite!