Brussels Philharmonic | concertmasters


Concertmasters Otto Derolez and Henry Raudales about the start of the new season.

For us musicians of the Brussels Philharmonic, everything revolves around making music together, keeping that well-oiled music machine running perfectly. That is what I have missed terribly. Accepting that you will have to miss this for six months is a far greater challenge than finding the discipline to study individually on a daily base and giving it your all. Making music at Brussels Philharmonic, the virus that keeps us going!
Otto Derolez
The corona virus has been physical, emotional and dramatic for many people around the world. Even though this situation might continue for some time, the Brussels Philharmonic and myself are full of energy and optimism towards the future. Music has been and will always be part of my life. My goal is to bring through music light to people's lives. As long as there is Life there will be Music.
Henry Raudales