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The elements of support

Do you know your support language?

Offering support seems even more challenging as the "when" and "how" thresholds of support make us a little hesitant.

Jennifer Freed Ph. D., an expert in psychological astrology and social-emotional learning, wrote in her article for the trendsetting website Goop how we can use the natural elements Fire, Earth, Water and Air to be better support each other as friends, family, work colleagues or life partners.

Find out how the natural elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water can help you.

FIRE: a virtuous gesture

🔥 People in whom the element of fire predominates can be recognized by their cheerfulness; they are straightforward and full of energy. But if you meet them on a bad day, you will notice the opposite.

Sometimes a fire type may be struggling with something so hard, that it makes no sense to talk about it at all. Show support with a generous or virtuous gesture. You don't have to move mountains for this. Cook up that delicious favourite recipe, or gift a self-assembled bouquet or an ideal gift certificate.

EARTH: a continuous effort

🌱 An earth type likes clarity, results and structure. Get a grip by finishing that one deferred chore, no matter how small or big, without being asked.

Also, by remaining calm or patient when someone opens their heart or asks you for help, your efforts will be perceived as a great support. You create trust and provide the necessary support that is needed.

AIR: show genuine interest

🌬️ Oxygen, space and freedom is what an air type needs to think logically and to make connections. Once out of balance, alienation occurs and logic becomes meaningless.

How do you engage in conversation when an air type is upset? The best thing is to pay attention to your breathing and ask open-ended questions. By doing so, you will show genuine interest, and you will calm them down. If you are stuck in an argument and disagree, try to look for something in common.

WATER: create harmony

🌊 A water type is a vessel full of emotions. Compare it to a weather forecast with invigorating rain showers, downpours of snow or even thunderstorms.

Water types value relationships, harmony and atmosphere. Therefore, be humane when interacting with them and approach a problem with empathy and compassion.

Giving a compliment, uttering a few encouraging words, listening attentively - it does wonders for others.

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Visit the Goop website and read the source article by Jennifer Freed.