Brussels Philharmonic | Schönberg's Legacy: Cinematic Odes

Schönberg's Legacy: Cinematic Odes

150 Years Arnold Schönberg!

The music world is gearing up to honor his legacy with a series of events. Also the Brussels Philharmonic will present two concerts featuring works by the Austrian-Hungarian-American composer.
Fleeing the Nazi regime, Schönberg found refuge in Los Angeles in the 1930s. Despite this, he never worked for Hollywood, though his oeuvre did inspire several notable soundtracks in the 21st century.
discover these Schönberg-inspired scores with the film selection by film journalist Robin Broos
live in concert: Shades of Schönberg

10.10.2024 FLAGEY
Arnold Schönberg
Kammersymphonie nr. 1, Op. 9b (1907) / Verklärte Nacht, Op. 4 (version 1943)
Claude Debussy
Nocturnes, L. 91 (1899)

12.10.2024 FLAGEY
Arnold Schönberg
Pierrot lunaire, op. 21 (1912)