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something to drink

Hyperlocal and yet international, the Flageysquare is at the heart of Ixelles and offers a unique mix of people and cafes. Trendy, retro or simply cosy - there's plenty to choose from.

Café Belga

The go to place with a big, sunny and always opened terrace. Breakfast, apero or dancing into the night!
>>08:00-02:00 | Facebook

Le Bar à Vins

Many wines from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, and more... as well as a bio and biodynamic selection.
>>17:30-23:00 | Facebook

L’amère à Boire

Passion for beer: a selection of craft beers made by true afficionados, and a menu hosting over 150 special beers. All that and more in a relaxed atmosphere.
>>16:00-02:00 |

Le Pantin

Typical Brussels: card games or chess, tea or artisinal beer, in an intimate and cosy setting since 1983.
>>11:00-02:00 (Wed-Sat till 03:00) | Facebook

Le Tigre

Delicious cocktails in this trendy bar a stone's throw away from the Flagey square. Regularly hosts DJs on the weekends.
>>16:00-01:00 | Google

Bar du marché

Cocktails and DJs on the weekend, and a mix of retro and contemporary interior at the edge of the Flageysquare.
>>16:00-02:00 (Fri-Sat till 04:00) |

Le Petit Canon

Retro parisien vibe in this cosy and charming wine bar situated between the Avenue Louise and the Flageysquare.
>>16:00-23:00 | Facebook