Brussels Philharmonic | Kazushi Ono: Fall/Winter 23

Kazushi Ono: Fall/Winter 23

Kazushi Ono is the definitive musical citizen of the world. He was born in Tokyo, studied in Munich and forged his early career in Zagreb, Karlsruhe and Tokyo. These influences shaped an inquiring and profound musical intellect and an ability to communicate meaning across languages and cultures - and that reflects in his programs.


“This season starts with Haydn’s Creation: a prayer-like composition with a very dark opening but blossoms with the emergence of stars. The Strauss concert narrates the tales of two heroes. Don Juan bursts with energy, while Ein Heldenleben portrays a hero’s journey climbing and descending a mountain that is both real and metaphorical.”


“For his 4th Symphony, written in the finale of his life, Brahms uses Baroque principles - much like Britten did in his Piano Concerto, which he composed at the young age of 25. Scriabin holds a special position among composers for me. His profound fascination with mysticism made him truly unique. His music is mysterious and dreamy, and sometimes very romantic.”


“These sorts of musical contrasts are not always easy for players – there’s a lot to prepare – but the members of Brussels Philharmonic are so flexible and sensitive, and listen to each other so well, it is a joy working together like this.”

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