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Giant Steps

about Osborne & Britten

"Musically, it sometimes reminds me of Giant Steps, John Coltrane's jazz standard." The Britten Piano Concerto holds no secrets for Steven Osborne. The pianist harbors a deep fondness for the piece: "He was only twenty-four when he first performed his Piano Concerto. The youthful energy is palpable. It's impressive."

With the concert alongside the Brussels Philharmonic coming up, he writes down his thoughts in a column: "Did Britten feel safer at a distance? In the Piano Concerto, you sense him shedding all inhibitions, getting carried away in impressive melodies and harmonies, scales up and down. Beautiful, overwhelming. Perhaps too overwhelming?"

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live in concert

Eager to witness Osborne's interpretation of the Britten concerto? Discover it live with the Brussels Philharmonic and Kazushi Ono on December 15 & 16 2023.

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