Brussels Philharmonic | Guillaume Connesson: music must tell stories

Guillaume Connesson: music must tell stories

Guillaume Connesson (1970) is without doubt one of the most important composers of the 21st century. His very diverse repertoire is performed regularly by the world’s top orchestras. A clear sign that his new music is appreciated by performers and audiences alike and will stand the test of time!

What’s the secret of his successful style? Connesson draws on countless sources in search of inspiration, and the result is surprising and accessible music.

Guillaume Connesson really knows how to write. His scoring is brilliant, but more importantly he has ideas. He writes tunes and motives that are attractive, capable of development, and individual.

When Deutsche Grammophon suggested recording his repertoire, Connesson turned to his good friend and artistic ‘partner in crime’ Stéphane Denève and the Brussels Philharmonic. The collaboration was successful, and in September 2018 a follow-up CD was recorded.