Brussels Philharmonic | harp concert

harp concert

Embark on a enchanting journey into the world of the harp on a unique evening presented by the talented harp students of Eline Groslot (solo harpist of the Brussels Philharmonic) and Primor Sluchin from the Conservatory of Liège.

As they approach their semi-annual exams, the students will showcase gems from the harp repertoire, featuring compositions by Tournier, Parish Alvars, Andres, Godefroid, Spohr, Hindemith, and Scarlatti. Many of these lesser-known composers were harpists themselves, possessing an unparalleled understanding of how to bring out the richness of colors and sounds from the harp.

For these passionate students, demonstrating their skills to a live audience is invaluable. This concert not only provides a perfect opportunity to explore the versatility of the harp but also supports these young musicians on their journey to their own stage in the future.

concert on January 23, 2024 at 19:15 at Studio 2 (Flagey)

free admission


Louise Meyer
Domenico Scarlatti, Sonate k213
Paul Hindemith, 1er mouvement de la sonate

Astrid Dignef
Marcel Tournier, Berceuse russe
Bernard Andres, Sweet Blues

Zora Corbion
Marcel Tournier, Étude de concert

Floor Heyse
Felix Godefroid, Étude de concert

Eudeline Boucher
Domenico Scarlatti, Sonate k481 & k482
Gabriel Fauré, Impromptu

Olga Madrennes
Ludwig Spohr, Fantaisie

Loelia Winandy
Elias Parish Alvars, Mandoline
Jean-Michel Damase, Tango