Brussels Philharmonic | Dirk Brossé & savage Belgium

Dirk Brossé & savage Belgium

David Attenborough, British biologist and television producer, taught how to look at nature in new ways. Did you know you can even go on safari in your own backyard?

Hotel Hungaria, VRT, KFD, RTL-TVI, Agentschap voor Natuur en Bos & Natuurpunt joined forces. Two film crews ventured into nature last year and shot exciting wild life footage from the Zwin at sea to the deep Ardennes.

The Brussels Philharmonic provided a lush, cinematic score to these beautiful images of our Belgian outdoors. The soundtrack is a balance of heroic music and heavier, sadder moments that give an extra dimension to the adventures of the fox, the squirrel, the wolf and many others.

Surf quickly to You will be surprised how wild, fascinating and surprising our Belgian fauna and flora are. Onze Natuur is an ambitious 360° brand about wild Belgium. Besides an online platform, social media, a book series and a prestigious TV series later this year, that wild nature is now coming even closer.

Even though as Belgians we are modest by nature, we should be proud of what lives and grows in our fields, streams, valleys, forests and mountains.

Later this year, discover the marvelous stories of known and unknown animals that inspire wonder and increase love and respect for our natural world. And all in a country where, at first glance, there seems to be no room for that wild, unspoiled nature.

From September 21, you can admire savage Belgium in all its glory on the silver screen and later in a series of seven episodes on, among others, Canvas.

Watch the trailer and enjoy the first impressive images.