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how to Become Music

The Klarafestival takes you along for a unique look behind the scenes of the festival. What makes a live concert so unique? Who are the people on and off stage that make sure the wheels keep turning? And how does each one of them live that magical moment?

discover Brussels Philharmonic at the Klarafestival:

11.03 Klarafestival: Janácek / Bartók / Miller
25.03 Klarafestival: Last and First Men

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Ilan Volkov, principal guest conductor Brussels Philharmonic

"The most moving thing can happen when during a concert something sort of clicks with the orchestra and with the audience."

Emiel De Vylder, stagehand Brussels Philharmonic

"How crazy is it, that a sound can bring about so many emotions."

Jill Jeschek, flutist Brussels Philharmonic

"Someone listening changes your whole way of playing and behaving."

Dominique, host at Flagey

"When I am working, I can see the excitement in people before the concert."

Anysia, concert spectator

"Music to me is something very powerfull."

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