Brussels Philharmonic | in memoriam: Alfons De Vries

in memoriam: Alfons De Vries

It is with great sadness that we learn of the death of our former colleague Alfons De Vries, former stage manager of the Brussels Philharmonic and the Vlaams Radiokoor.

For many years, Fons was the valued stage manager of the orchestra - at first within the public broadcasting corporation, but even after the ensembles became independent, Fons remained the silent driving force in the production team: at first with the orchestra, but later he devoted himself entirely to the Radio Choir. His commitment and dedication were invaluable during those important early years, and he helped lay the solid foundations on which the present Vlaams Radiokoor was built.

A hard worker and valued colleague, a rock in the surf and a heart of gold: we missed 'our Fons' already after his retirement in 2012 and are now saying goodbye for good.

We cherish the beautiful memories and wish his family and friends strength in this loss.

Rest in peace Fons