Brussels Philharmonic | keep taking care of each other

keep taking care of each other

Face masks on, distance in place, less audience in the hall. All measures that have a big impact on everyone's life and that will help us keep the virus at bay, together.

We are happy we can continue to make live music for you. It is ever so important to us: music is the air we breathe, our passion, our life. And it is ever so important to you, our audience: a well deserved breathing space, a way to be together, a moment for reflection, for contemplation.

We will keep bringing that live music, and we will keep making the safety of our musicians and audience our number one priority. Just as we have been doing these last months. In the concert hall, for a smaller audience, or online with the livestreams. This is our way to take care of you and of each other - to keep going, until the virus no longer has a hold over our lives.

Keep taking care of each other, and see you soon!