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Live the Brussels Philharmonic Experience

A Brussels Philharmonic concert night at Flagey or Concertgebouw Brugge is music and so much more... Discover the Brussels Philharmonic Experience!


welcoming email

Have you booked your tickets? A few days before the concert, you will receive a welcoming email from us that recaps all the details. This way you can prepare optimally for your concert evening. Would you like to stay up-to-date all the year round? Subscribe to our newsletter!

introduction: meet the artist

No one can tell you about the music of the evening better than the conductor or soloist of the day. Why they chose this work, how they prepared for it, what makes it so special? During the introdution before the concert, you will find out all about it.

music talk

Sometimes there is more to tell. Much more. About a work, a time or place, a composer, a book that served as inspiration. In the music talk, we bring in a specialist who can provide more context and background.

programme booklet

For each concert a free programme is available (which you can also read digitally via the link in the welcoming email). It remains available online so that you can consult it after the concert as well.


Would you like to know even more about a work? Then try once leaving your smartphone on in the concert hall, and select the Wolfgang app: a smartphone application with which during the concert you can receive real-time explanations of the music. The app is designed in such a way that it does not disturb other concertgoers.

My uncle used to take me to concerts and whispered things in my ear about the music: ‘Now pay attention to the trumpets’. Wolfgang is actually my uncle in digital form. The app in this case does not make for distraction but for greater depth.
Johan, visitor

Experience & Discover

discover Brussels

The Brussels Philharmonic and the Muntpunt library share a great passion: showing off Brussels in all its beauty, diversity and creativity to as many people as possible. And how better to do that than with a walk through the city, a delicious dinner and a fantastic concert to top it all off? Discover the capital as you’ve never seen it before, thanks to these combi-concerts!

street food

Driving to Brussels during rush hour can be a challenge... Our tip? Take public transport and get there on time! Treat yourself to something tasty from the food truck, or discover one of the many restaurants around Flagey. In Brugge, you can go to the Concertgebouwcafé, and there are of course many great places to eat around the Concertgebouw.


With Symfomania, the Brussels Philharmonic offers a unique formula for (grand)parents and (grand)children (+ 8 years) to experience a concert evening together. While the parents enjoy the first part, the children get to know the music that they will listen to in the second half in the concert hall together with their (grand)parents and the rest of the audience. €5 (workshop + concert)


After a concert, you are full of energy and emotion that you would like to share. That is why there are afterparties where you can chat with friends over a drink or meet the musicians. The live music sets the mood, in line with the evening’s concert: from a DJ with ’80s hits through a duo performing Brahms songs to a jazz quartet. The Brussels Philharmonic provides music even after the concert is over!