Brussels Philharmonic | livestreams


Brussels Philharmonic will continue performing concerts! In front of an empty concert hall for the time being, but through livestreaming also in front of you all, wherever you may be. We are happy to be announcing to you that we will be releasing a new livestream each week until Christmas!

We are already looking forward to these concerts: each of them are moments that bind us together through, with and in music. To share hope, relaxation and emotions. Have a wonderful time.

FRIDAY 6/11 - 20:00

FELDMAN: ROTHKO CHAPEL, opening concert Ars Musica
conducted by George Jackson with Vlaams Radiokoor

A meditative concert, in which our perception of time is thoroughly played with.

FRIDAY 13/11 - 14:00

DIRK BROSSE: 40 years of music
conducted by Dirk Brossé

40 years of career: a life devoted to music!

THURSDAY 19/11 - 14:00

ROBERT GROSLOT: 'I will come back'
conducted by Robert Groslot

A new chamber opera by Robert Groslot, based on the novel ‘I will come back’ by Adriaan van Dis.

THURSDAY 26/11 - 19:00

BEETHOVEN 6, discover 'the Pastorale'
conducted by Lucie Leguay

The Pastorale: Beethoven's personal ode to nature.

FRIDAY 04/12 - 20:00

BEYOND BEETHOVEN, Music Chapel Festival
conducted by Stéphane Denève

Music Chapel puts 250 year old Beethoven into the spotlight

FRIDAY 11/12 - 20:00

MOZART! Julien Libeer & Piano Concerto 23
conducted by Jun Märkl, with Julien Libeer (piano)

Mozarts Piano Concerto No. 23: a sparkling dialogue between piano and orchestra, full of freshness and melancholy, and a swinging finale.

SATURDAY 19/12 - 20:00

BRAHMS 1, homage to Beethoven
conducted by Stéphane Denève

A homage to his illustrious predecessor Beethoven, after which Brahms definitively steps out of the shadows of ‘his giant’.