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mission: harp

Follow Eline Groslot and composer Geoffrey Gordon in our brand new documentary series

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Eline Groslot, solo harpist of Brussels Philharmonic, is an advocate of her instrument and it's repertoire. When American composer Geoffrey Gordon read her blog, he decided to compose a brand new harp concerto for Eline...

Curious to hear the final result? On October 28, 2022, the world premiere of Eolian, Concerto for Harp and Orchestra takes place at Flagey during our concert The Elements.

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THE ELEMENTS c Liesbet Peremans

The Elements | 28.10.22 | Flagey

The musicians perform the music connected to the earthly. Philip Glass translates the fire in The Light, Geoffrey Gordon puts the wind as the breath of God in his brand new harp concerto, and Claude Debussy brings La Mer to life in all its forms. In many religions, such as Tibetan, there is a fifth element that brings everything together: the inspiration for Camille Pépin's Vajrayāna.

2022 Brussels Philharmonic Brad Lubman Thomas Fiorini c Wouter Van Vaerenbergh 5


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