Brussels Philharmonic | Opening Month

Opening Month

Brussels Philharmonic celebrates the new season with an opening month: september will see a series of concerts displaying the versatility and virtuosity of the orchestra.

dialogue with the future

Together with music director Stéphane Denève, the Brussels Philharmonic kicks off with a scintillating programme that opens up a dialogue between a 20th century classic and a world premiere – perhaps a classic of the 21st century!

Symphonic greatest hits

In 1913, symphonic greatest hit The Rite of Spring (Le Sacre du printemps) stirred up one of the most famous riots in music history. Stravinsky's magnum opus shocked the Parisian audience with brutal sounds, complex rhythms and a violent choreography by Vaslav Nijinsky. The music that was treated to incessant waves of booing at its premiere 100 years ago, is today a staple of the orchestral repertoire and a perfect fit for the Brussels Philharmonic.

Daar komt nog bij dat het orkest de Sacre, met zijn opzwepende ritmes en geraffineerde piekmomenten, als een van zijn lijfstukken claimt. Terecht ook: Brussels Philharmonic ontpopte zich in Parijs als een geoliede klankmachine.
De Standaard (14/03/2015)

Tomorrows classics

The combination Brussels Philharmonic-Stéphane Denève-Guillaume Connesson has been catching the eye of audience and critics alike. The orchestra and composer started their collaboration in 2016 with the recording of the acclaimed CD Pour Sortir au Jour, released by Deutsche Grammophon. This season, the orchestra performs the world premiere of Connessons violin concerto « Les horizons perdus », inspired by the James Hilton novel Lost Horizon (1933), dedicated to and performed by top violinist Renaud Capuçon.

stravinsky: le sacre du printemps
14 & 15 september • tickets & info

Blockbuster in concert

For the opening month, Brussels Philharmonic returns to the stage with another specialty: film. Following the success of previous film concerts such as E.T. and Modern Times, this year the orchestra opted for film classic and blockbuster Jaws. The iconic score - full of abstract, modernist and even atonal music - is " top notch and challenging" according to conductor in charge Dirk Brossé (Humo).

Jaws in Concert • 21 & 22 & 23 september • tickets & info

Pom-pom-pom-pom-pom-pom… The two notes foreshadowing the arrival of the shark, are possibly the most famous notes in film history.
Humo (04/09/2018)

Vocal feast

The opening month comes to a closing with vocal fireworks. Principal guest conductor Hervé Niquet invites 'his' Vlaams Radio Koor for a scintillating and exuberant mass: Schöpfungsmesse by Haydn. Piano virtuoso Martin Helmchen is the soloist for an equally sparkling First Piano Concerto by Beethoven. A feast for the ear and the eye.

Beethoven & Haydn • 28 & 29 september • tickets & info

Avec Niquet, la musique avance, sonne et brille, d’autant qu’il avait devant lui, samedi, des ensembles excellents et familiers […] Une configuration singulière qui conduisit, une fois encore, à des résultats spectaculaires en termes d’éclat, de fusion des voix et de contrastes.
La Libre (2016)