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Orchestra mash-up

an orchestra, turntables, electric guitars, and the audience on stage. Let's go!

Six Scenes is a brand-new piece for orchestra and electronics by Matthew Schlomowitz, realised in collaboration with turntablist Mariam Rezaei. Rezaei is a bold artist with a strong artistic vision. The question is: how does all this blend in a new composition with the Brussels Philharmonic, and what kind of sound journey are we in for?

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Rezaei and Schlomowitz work closely together in the creation of Six Scenes, with a back-and-forth exchange of recordings, emails, and video calls. Schlomowitz sends snippets of orchestral music, and Rezaei improvises on her deck: "Sometimes, turntablists tend to have a very strict idea of how things should sound, but I think that once you start to embrace chance, things get really interesting – dealing with the unknown, that takes some real guts." Initially, the material is a mishmash of illogical and absurd inspirations, but it all comes together when the duo gathers in Newcastle for a three-day working session.

Driven by her keen sense of experimentation, Rezaei's input is significant to the writing process:

"Writing for the turntable is not about pleasing others. It's about succeeding with something new and ambitious using a young instrument. So, I fully embrace experimenting with sound in every possible way. I think sometimes people's hesitations come down to fear of the unknown. You can choose to be scared or to be excited."

Discover how Rezaei's experiment and a meticulous orchestral score come together on November 16 at Concertgebouw Bruges and on November 17 at DeSingel, Antwerp.

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With Ilan as the permanent guest conductor for contemporary repertoire and Ictus as a partner in crime, the Brussels Philharmonic is venturing into the laboratory to create special projects. Mariam Rezaei and Matthew Shlomowitz add turntables to the symphonic palette in a brand new work, which will have its Belgian premiere here.

16.11.2023 at Concertgebouw Brugge & 17.11.2023 at De Singel

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