Brussels Philharmonic | Peer Gynt #1

Peer Gynt #1

On 20 February 2022, the Concertgebouw Brugge celebrated its 20th birthday. Because 20 years of Concertgebouw means thousands of intense experiences and unforgettable moments.

To complete the party, the concert venue created an ultimate Top 20 of two decades of Concertgebouw, chosen by... the audience! Over 500 people voted at and shared their personal anecdotes and memories. And we are extremely honoured that they chose our production Peer Gynt (January 2020) as number 1!

Thank you, Bruges, and thank you to the dream team that brought Peer Gynt to life: actor Filip Jordens, theatre makers Brechtje Louwaard & Tristan Versteven from Het Banket, illustrator Gerda Dendooven, conductor Stéphane Denève, the Vlaams Radiokoor prepared by Joris Derder, soloists Jolien De Gendt, Kelly Poukens, Kristien Nijs, Sarah Van Mol, Evi Roelants, Conor Biggs and Philippe Souvagie, and Norwegian language coach Finn Mulder.

"The drive and pursuit of beauty (De gedrevenheid en het streven naar schoonheid)"

"After listening to this work for so many times on CD (the integral version) with choir, the programmation of the piece was a big surprise and I could not miss that. I incredibly enjoyed this masterpiece (Na zoveel malen dit beluisterd te hebben op cd (de integrale versie) met koor, was de programmatie van dit stuk een verrassing van formaat en dat wilde ik absoluut niet missen. Ik heb ongelooflijk genoten van dit meesterwerk)"

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