Brussels Philharmonic | Victor Julien-Laferrière

Victor Julien-Laferrière

Victor Julien‐Laferrière (France, 1990) is the winner of the first ever Queen Elisabeth Competition for cello in 2017.

Victor Julien-Laferrière s'avère un musicien exceptionnel, qui se distingue par son phrasé d'une rare souplesse et sa gestion du temps musical. On ne demande qu'une chose : le réentendre bientôt.

Victor Julien-Laferrière is a true musical omnivore, but ultimately chose the cello because neither his brother nor his sister played that instrument. He has since won many prizes, including First Prize in the Queen Elisabeth Competition for cello, where the jury was impressed by his precision, intonation and amazing modesty.

Yet he does not want to lose the amateur’s love of playing: “Music should not become an obligation.” His future dreams are those of any every promising musician: an interesting concert calendar with recitals, chamber music and concertos with orchestra, along with some of his own projects.

But à la Victor Julien-Laferrière: well prepared and not wanting too much too soon.

video: shostakovich cello concerto at the queen elisabeth competition final 2017