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Win a duo ticket for Darna Fest at AB on December 19

On December 19, join us at Ancienne Belgique for a unique concert evening themed around the Jewish-Moroccan community. This year's Darna Fest festival focuses on three female artists and their connection to Jewish-Moroccan culture. Three artists, three generations, three disciplines.

As a supporting act you have Al'Fanamenco, they bring a combination of Chaabi music and Flamenco. Then you have conductor Tom Cohen who, together with the Brussels Philharmonic Soloists, will guide singer Neta Elkayam in her wonderful music full of Andalusian, Berber and Mediterrean musical influences.

Would you like to be there? AB is giving away a free duo ticket!

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Tom Cohen & Neta Elkayam | 19.12.22

For the festival’s closing night of Darna Fest, Darna has invited Neta Elkayam to AB, a Jewish-Moroccan singer who combines Andalusian, Berber and Mediterranean musical influences in her voice.

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