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Orchestra mash-up

an orchestra, turntables, electric guitars, and the audience on stage. Let's go!

Six Scenes is a brand-new piece for orchestra and electronics by Matthew Schlomowitz, realised in collaboration with turntablist Mariam Rezaei. Rezaei is a bold artist with a strong artistic vision. The question is: how does all this blend in a new composition with the Brussels Philharmonic, and what kind of sound journey are we in for?

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Rezaei and Schlomowitz worked closely together in the creation of "Six Scenes," with a back-and-forth exchange of recordings, emails, and video calls. Schlomowitz sends snippets of orchestral music, and Rezaei improvises on her deck: "Sometimes, turntablists tend to have a very strict idea of how things should sound, but I think that once you start to embrace chance, things get really interesting – dealing with the unknown, that takes some real guts." Initially, the material is a mishmash of illogical and absurd inspirations, but it all comes together when the duo gathers in Newcastle for a three-day working session.

Driven by her keen sense of experimentation, Rezaei's input is significant to the writing process:

"Writing for the turntable is not about pleasing others. It's about succeeding with something new and ambitious using a young instrument. So, I fully embrace experimenting with sound in every possible way. I think sometimes people's hesitations come down to fear of the unknown. You can choose to be scared or to be excited."

Discover how Rezaei's experiment and a meticulous orchestral score come together on November 16 at DeSingel in Antwerp and on November 17 at Concertgebouw Brugge.

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Met Ilan als vaste gastdirigent voor het hedendaagse repertoire en Ictus als partner in crime trekt Brussels Philharmonic het laboratorium in, om met bijzondere projecten weer naar buiten te komen. Met draaitafels en elektronica verrijken Mariam Rezaei en Matthew Shlomowitz het symfonische palet: Scenes for Turntables and Orchestra is een gloednieuw werk, dat hier zijn Belgische première krijgt.

16.11.2023 in Concertgebouw Brugge & 17.11.2023 in De Singel

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