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Allan Clayton


« But one thing, at least, was clear when this work returned to the Metropolitan Opera on Sunday afternoon: The company has a star on its hands in the tenor Allan Clayton..Audibly and visibly doomed, his tone conveys bitterness and pain within the same melodic line as his face betrays fits of rage and shock at his own behaviour. By the climactic third act, his voice exemplifies the essence of opera as a theatrical extremity of expression: His mad scene, a patchwork monologue of chest-pounding and stylised ugliness, is a thing of terror and wonder. »
- The New York Times

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Dans Die Schöpfung, Haydn s’inspire d’un texte de la bible et du Paradis perdu de Milton, dont l’adaptation du livret en allemand par le baron Gottfried van Swieten l’avait particulièrement ému.

15.09.2023 à Concertgebouw Brugge & 16.09.2023 à Flagey

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