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Rachmaninov, Prokofiev & Scriabin


Alexander Scriabin, Sergei Rachmaninov and Sergei Prokofiev. No matter how close the worlds of these three compatriots and contemporaries, their music was so different. ----- Although Vladimir Nabokov once wrote that the fans of the first two could not stand each ot ...

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Sergei Rachmaninov Isle of the Dead, op. 29 (1909)
Sergei Prokofiev
Piano Concerto No. 3 in C major, Op. 26 (1921)
Alexander Scriabin
Symphony No. 4, ‘Le Poème de l’extase’, Op. 54 (1908)


∙ 18:00 doors open
∙ 18:15 pre-concert: Let there be Light! A Colored-Light Scriabin Recital by pianist Nuno Cernadas (more info soon)
∙ 19:30 introduction: Sander De Keere (EN)
∙ 20:15 concert (with break) [Wolfgang App available]
∙ 22:30 end


Flagey, Studio 4 ∙ Place Sainte-Croix, 1050 Ixelleshow to reach the venue

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"This is one of Prokofiev's most perfect compositions, where inspiration, technique and expression stand at absolutely equal heights and the most joyful piano concerto that I know." – Nikolay Lugansky

“Scriabin holds a central role for me among composers because he was so unique: the only composer to have a deep interest in mysticism and how to explore it through music, and the only one to have given us an answer to that question.” – Kazushi Ono