Brussels Philharmonic | Lorenzo Gatto

Lorenzo Gatto


"Above all, I want to sound honest. There is fragility in my tone, it is a reflection of who I am as a person. That is what music is to me: an expression of human fragility."

Lorenzo Gatto was born in Brussels in 1986 and made a lasting impression on the music world at the 2009 Queen Elisabeth Violin Competition, where he charismatically claimed second prize. He had already caught the attention of music lovers at the tender age of six when he appeared on the program "Jeunes Solistes".

Gatto received his training at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels, studying under the esteemed guidance of Véronique Bogaerts and Dirk Van de Moortel. Following his success at the Queen Elisabeth Competition, Gatto has been performing in some of the world's most prestigious venues, including the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and Bozar, where he served as an artist in residence for an entire season.

In his spare time, Lorenzo enjoys a lifelong passion for everything that flies. Look up and see if you can spot him high in the sky, arriving at a concert flying a small plane or even a paraglider.

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How much can you say with repetition? A great deal, if you ask Philip Glass, John Adams and David Lang. Brussels Philharmonic unites these three contemporary icons in a single programme. Actually, make that four, as with Lorenzo Gatto as a soloist you’re served up an equally emblematic artist. Together they perform minimalism for you in all its mastery.

15.07.2023 at Parc Léopold

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