Brussels Philharmonic | Lucienne Renaudin Vary

Lucienne Renaudin Vary


“To have the kind of maturity and insight Lucienne has as a trumpet player, you would have to be 40 years old.” – Philippe Duchemin (jazz pianist)

Lucienne Renaudin Vary is a natural on the trumpet. When she was 11, for instance, she won the Selmer-Le Parnasse competition. Since then, she has won first prize at every competition she has entered, and in 2016, at the age of 17, she won the Victoire de la Musique Classique as a solo revelation.

Anyone meeting Lucienne sees an athletic teenager, who comes across as bashful and quiet. But appearances are deceptive. When she plays, she blossoms completely and enchants and moves everyone. In both classical and jazz, she feels like a fish in the water.

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HAPPY 2024!

As is traditional, we open the New Year with the whirling classics. Star of the day is trumpet player Lucienne Renaudin Vary. She treats us to a virtuoso programme that sweeps us into a festive mood with lively rhythms and melodies.

05.01.2024 at Flagey & 07.01.2024 at Concertgebouw Brugge

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