Brussels Philharmonic | Baroque 101

Baroque 101

Bach, Händel, Telemann... Where to begin?!

Let's get started! Conductor Reinhard Goebel curated a playlist: a compilation of baroque compositions you must hear at least once in a lifetime. Meet the 'barockers,' the rockstars of their time, right in your own living room.

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live at Tour & Taxis

Do you want to dive deeper into the baroque repertoire? In Atelier Bach, Goebel explores the music together with the audience. In a unique concert featuring works from the three great baroque masters, he shares insights into his vision, the composers, the piece itself, and how he and the orchestra have honed the performance. The event takes at the unique setting of the Produits Dangeux, Tour & Taxis, on March 1, 2024.

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Playlist Curated Ivicevic

Curated by... Mirela Ivicevic

we asked the composer which music she carries close to her heart... The result? A compilation of mesmerizing ballads reminiscent of her young adulthood