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Playlist by Mirela Ivicevic

On March 23, the Brussels Philharmonic will premiere a new creation by composer Mirela Ivičević. We asked her which music she carries close to her heart. The result is a personal compilation of ballads reminiscent of her young adulthood. Listen to the playlist on Spotify.
crack the code: the composer included a Croatian cover of a Belgian song - do you know which one it is?


live in concert

experience the creation live at the concert Another Mélisande at Flagey

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Composer's note: Überlala

"Being no surgeon, no state leader, no soldier, I cannot do much to stop the horror or ease the pain. But I can imagine. And invite you to join me."


Interview with Ivicevic

on March 23, the Brussels Philharmonic brings a new creation by Mirela Ivičević, "one of the most enthralling composers of her generation" - read the interview and meet the composer