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With the hybrid concert Europasinfonie, ten leading European orchestras and a choir unite their artistic powers to send a message of solidarity and unity to all Europeans.

Europasinfonie is not just a concert but also a showcase of technological innovation in the music world. Utilizing advanced infrastructure and software, musicians will be able to rehearse and perform together despite being geographically distant, facilitated by a low-latency European network.

Musicians will remain in their respective countries, while their performances are streamed through a central server and shared globally. The challenge of maintaining low latency in these broadcasts is met by a collaborative network of universities and research institutions.

Following the concert in 2026, the knowledge and experience gained will be consolidated into the European Musicians Hub (EMH). This platform will enable European orchestras, ensembles, and solo musicians to rehearse and perform at the highest technical level using the latest technology.

"The Europasinfonie is an important effort toward transporting the arts deep into European societies, as it lets people discuss and even argue about new music. This is tremendously important at a time when many social groups no longer even talk to each other. Every real dialog that happens now helps strengthen democracies." - Markus Rindt, artistic director of Dresdner Symphoniker

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participating orchestras & ensembles

Athens State Orchestra, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, Brussels Philharmonic, Dresdner Sinfoniker, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, No Borders Orchestra, Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano, Orquesta Sinfónica de Madrid, Pannon Philharmonic, Sinfonia Varsovia, Mozarteum Salzburg

Europasinfonia is supported by Allianz Foundation.

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