Brussels Philharmonic | new season - new internships

new season - new internships

Season after season, the staff at Brussels Philharmonic love to clear a bit of space at their desks – for some young blood to give their teams a temporary boost. For a few months, our interns are taken on as fully fledged new colleagues, and we try to give them a taste of as many different aspects as possible of our wonderful world of music.

I‘ve done so many different things that I‘d never even thought of before: it was a real experience!
Toon, production intern

a good chat

From production to communication, from the music library to the youth orchestras: you may be sent to various different places in the organisation. We’re looking for ambition and enthusiasm, skills and a desire to learn.

That’s why every internship starts with a good chat:

  • what do you want to achieve personally?
  • what skills that you’ve learned would you like to try out in the real world of work?
  • what new experiences and knowledge are you looking for?
  • what can you contribute to our organisation
It’s really crazy what I was able to do. I’ve learned so much, and because of my internship I’ve actually decided to continue my studies in a completely different direction.
Jean-Louis, communication intern

Fancy diving into our world?

Take a look at our internships in digital communication and production, and send in your application today: who knows, maybe you’ll be our next temporary colleague!