Brussels Philharmonic | our orchestra plays at sea

our orchestra plays at sea

concert hall: the North Sea

For one memorable day, our unconventional concert hall stretched out across the vast expanse of the North Sea, or, to be even more specific, a secluded sandbank known as the Broersbank, positioned just over a hundred meters away from the picturesque coast of Koksijde. This remarkable locale remains concealed for most of the year, lying just below sea level, but on two extraordinary occasions annually, when the sun aligns perfectly with the equator, it emerges from its watery cover to bask in the spotlight.

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Belgian actor and poet Wim Opbrouck, through his imaginative "Instituut voor Onderzoek van de Betovering der Zeeën" or IOBZ (Institute of Research on the Wonders of the Sea), seeks to celebrate the awe-inspiring beauty of the sea. In a groundbreaking endeavor, his inaugural project involves crafting a cinematic ode to the North Sea, often referred to as our "eleventh province." Collaborating with director Frederik Carbon, Opbrouck dared to dream big. Their audacious vision led them to knock on the doors of the Brussels Philharmonic, with a unique request: to stage an orchestral performance in the heart of the North Sea.

Intendant Gunther Broucke shared his perspective: "If we want to save our planet, we have to treat it with respect. Wim's compelling request was impossible to ignore. This is our humble way of offering homage to the sea and sounding the clarion call for the future of our planet."