Brussels Philharmonic | Vlog: Sien & the Pastoral

Vlog: Sien & the Pastoral

Do you like to draw, craft, play games? Do you love music? Be sure to read on and together with Sien Wynants and her fun tasks you will get to know everything about Beethoven and his Pastoral!

“No one will ever love the countryside as much as I do”, Beethoven said once. “Because it's the forests, trees and rocks that create the echo that we as humans love to hear."

Discover the Pastoral by Beethoven with your whole family, and with Sien as your musical guide! Get to work on fun tasks, send your drawings to, and watch the Pastoral livestream with Brussels Philharmonic together on Thursday 26 November at 19:00.

Discover more about...

...the Sixth Symphony 'Pastoral' by Ludwig van Beethoven!
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watch the livestream on Thursday 26 November 2020 at 19:00

... Eine Kleine Nachtmusik byWolfgang Amadeus Mozart!
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watch the livestream of 30 October 2020 again

... the Fifth Symphony by van Ludwig van Beethoven!
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symfomania! diy

This fall Brussels Philharmonic is launching 'Symfomania! DIY': not a workshop at Flagey, but a do-it-yourself kit to get to know the music that we will play live in the concert hall!

A unique formula for kids to dive into the music in a playful matter, alone or with a sibling, with the babysitter or friends, or with the (grand)parents. As a means to get ready for the concert night, or out of musical curiousity - or simply because music is fun!