Brussels Philharmonic | New: Symfomania XL!

New: Symfomania XL!

Are you between 12 and 15 years old? Then get ready for an awesome experience with Symfomania XL! In this workshop designed just for teens like you, we're diving deep into the world of symphonic music. We'll get hands-on with the music, exploring the cool sounds that make you feel all sorts of things. Ever wondered why trombones can sound a bit grumpy or why harps sound so heavenly? And let's not forget the enchanting violin melodies that will sweep you away!

By the end of the workshop, we'll have all the pieces of the musical puzzle together, and it's time to really feel the music—live, played by a real orchestra! Let's head to the concert hall for an unforgettable experience!

the workshops are in Dutch, French & English

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SYMFOMANIA XL! teens (12-15 years)

∙ 23.03.2024 Pelleas und Melisande [workshop at 16:00] [concert]

SYMFOMANIA! (7-12 years)

∙ 09.03.2024 Dvořák 9 [workshop at 18:30] [concert]
∙ 10.03.2024 Dvořák 9 [workshop at 13:30] [concert]
∙ 08.06.2024 Gabriel Fauré [workshop at 18:30] [concert]
∙ 22.06.2024 Carmina Burana [workshop at 18:30] [concert]
∙ 23.06.2024 Carmina Burana [workshop at 13:30] [concert]