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The Third Symphony of Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) has been described with many superlatives: it is his longest, most diverse, most humanistic and optimistic symphony. And with its enormous orchestration – the work requires an exceptionally large orchestra, alto solo and a women’s and children’s choir – it is also one of the largest. But even more importantly, this composition is the one that best reflects Mahler’s vision of this musical genre and of the world.

"Imagine a work of such magnitude that it actually mirrors the whole world. My Third Symphony will be something the like of which the world has never yet heard. In it, the whole of nature finds a voice."
- Gustav Mahler

For Mahler, the figure of Pan represented the entire universe, from the earthly to the hereafter. That idea runs through the symphony as a golden thread and is linked to other allusions to literature, including The Joyous Science (1882) and Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1892) by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Mahler took the text ‘O man, take heed!’ from Zarathustra’s Midnight Song from the latter work as the basis for the fourth movement of the symphony.

In the captivating fourth movement, humanity speaks in its quest for for illumination for his earthly cares. Michèle Losier performs the alto solo in this part.

"Mahler has been dear to me since my early studies in singing. I felt compelled not to study or sing his music after listening to the Rückert-Lieder until I could completely understand the genius of that composer. It was as if Mahler was a sacred composer to whom I owed my full comprehension of his inner inspirations. Therefore, it was only later in my career that I approached his symphonies and his lieder repertoire.
Today, in my mid-forties, not only from my musical experience but also with my personal life experience, I finally feel I can render his music in a noble and truthful way as he intended. It is always an honour for me to sit in the middle of the orchestra, in those majestic symphonies, experiencing the overwhelming emotions, and to finally feel worthy of singing his compositions."
- Michèle Losier

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experience Michèle Losier live in concert with the Brussels Philharmonic during the concert Mahler 3

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