Brussels Philharmonic | Symfomania! Beethoven 6

Symfomania! Beethoven 6

Embark on a Musical Adventure with Sien Wynants and Discover Beethoven's Sixth Symphony

Do you love drawing, crafting, and playing? Do you enjoy music? Join Sien Wynants and her fun activities to learn more about Beethoven and his 'Pastoral' Symphony. Experience the symphony live with your family in the concert hall on 15 June 2024!

Symfomania! DIY by Brussels Philharmonic is a do-it-yourself kit that lets you explore the music performed by the orchestra live in the concert hall. Children aged eight and up can get to know the music through digital and printable sheets filled with drawing, crafting, dancing activities, and games. They will be accompanied by Sien Wynants - known from Ketnet - in the vlog Sien & The Pastoral.

After completing the activities, children will be fully prepared and ready for the main event: the concert by Brussels Philharmonic. Here's an extra tip: with the Wolfgang app, both young and old can enjoy additional explanations, fun facts, and tips during the concert to enhance their enjoyment of the Pastoral Symphony!

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Download the kit now and start your journey with Sien!

🐄 Beethoven: Symphony No. 6 'Pastoral'
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This was the Pastoral