Brussels Philharmonic | Tom Pauwels

Tom Pauwels

electric guitar

Ever since 1995, Tom Pauwels has been active in the field of contemporary music, both on classical and electric guitar. Hij was part of the Black Jackets Company and of Champ D’Action and performs to date with the Ictus ensemble. Besides that, he has been in charge of teaching new music for guitar at the Conservatory of Ghent where he has developed an advanced master program with emphasis on contemporary chamber music in collaboration with the Spectra ensemble and Ictus.

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Music returns to its primitive origins, when melody is formed from noise. Ilan Volkov boldly breaks open the boundaries of what music is and can be. Anchors are cast aside, conventions are thrown out the window, and music becomes a physical experience.

25.05.2024 at Flagey

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