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Rachmaninov Deconstructed


Discover a series of musical lectures in which experienced pianists Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort, Waldo Geuns and Florestan Bataillie unravel the secrets of Rachmaninov's four piano concertos. During Rachmaninov Deconstructed, a series of musical lectures by Brussels Philharmon ...

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The 2nd Piano Concerto marked Rachmaninov's significant breakthrough as a composer. Interestingly, he had struggled to compose any music in the years prior until he emerged from a creative slump, thanks to treatment from neurologist Nicolai Dahl. The result was this remarkable 2nd concerto, celebrated by both supporters and critics alike for its seemingly boundless array of melodies.

Everything in Florestan Bataillie's life orbits around music! He is not only a pianist and composer but also an inspired storyteller who eagerly imparts his deep-seated passion for classical music to the audience. For the Brussels Philharmonic, he delves into Rachmaninov's piano concertos, meticulously dissecting them to their very core. From his place at the piano, he takes a captivating journey into these musical masterpieces, inviting the audience to join him in uncovering their well-guarded secrets.


∙ 07.10.2023 Piano Concerto 4 - Waldo Geuns [more info] [concert]
∙ 08.10.2023 Piano Concerto 1 - Florestan Bataillie [more info] [concert]
∙ 11.11.2023 Piano Concerto 3 - Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort [more info] [concert]
∙ 12.11.2023 Piano Concerto 2 - Florestan Bataillie [more info] [concert]