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Rachmaninov Deconstructed


Discover a series of musical lectures in which experienced pianists Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort, Waldo Geuns and Florestan Bataillie unravel the secrets of Rachmaninov's four piano concertos. During Rachmaninov Deconstructed, a series of musical lectures by Brussels Philharmon ...

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Russia, 1917. The Russian Revolution erupts, and composer Sergei Rachmaninov witnesses his beloved homeland slipping away. He flees to America with his family, taking only what fits in their suitcases. In one of those suitcases are the initial sketches of a new piano concerto. For Rachmaninov, the move to America feels like exile, and for eight long years, he struggles to compose. That is until 1926 when he revisits the sketches of his concerto and completes his 4th Piano Concerto.

The result is a remarkable work that features his well-known lush orchestrations and expressive melodies, yet at the same time, the music is highly innovative. Is this Rachmaninov mourning his homeland, or is it the Rachmaninov embracing the vibrant American music scene? Discover it during this Rachmaninov Deconstructed.

The story behind the music is what impassions pianist and narrator Waldo Geuns. It takes him from the piano to music theory, musicology, and philosophy. Waldo enjoys surrounding himself with other musicians, scientists, fashion designers, dancers, writers, chefs, or even a horse stunt team. It consistently leads to exceptional concert experiences.


∙ 07.10.2023 Piano Concerto 4 - Waldo Geuns [more info] [concert]
∙ 08.10.2023 Piano Concerto 1 - Florestan Bataillie [more info] [concert]
∙ 11.11.2023 Piano Concerto 3 - Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort [more info] [concert]
∙ 12.11.2023 Piano Concerto 2 - Florestan Bataillie [more info] [concert]