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Rachmaninov Deconstructed


Discover a series of musical lectures in which experienced pianists Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort, Waldo Geuns and Florestan Bataillie unravel the secrets of Rachmaninov's four piano concertos. During Rachmaninov Deconstructed, a series of musical lectures by Brussels Philharmon ...

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Rachmaninov's Third Piano Concerto: It's the ultimate aspiration for many young pianists to one day play this concerto.

This dream isn't just born from the fact that it's regarded as one of the most demanding pieces ever composed for the piano, posing a challenge akin to a sporting event. It's also because Rachmaninov infused this work with enchanting melodies and virtuosic brilliance. This composition is a tantalizing fusion of immersive lyricism and unbridled virtuosity, a testament to his creativity.

Over time, the Third Concerto has acquired a mythic status, finding a prominent place in the repertoires of orchestras and the climactic moments of prestigious international piano competitions.

Vanbeckevoort, the Belgian laureate of the Queen Elisabeth Competition in 2007, is now a seasoned maestro with approximately 40 renditions of this iconic piano concerto to his name. The genius of this piece has been a lifelong inspiration for him.

In this musical lecture, he will take you on a journey, unraveling the intricate structure and compositional grandeur right from the piano, showcasing pivotal passages, and providing insights into the unique challenges it presents to the soloist, conductor, and orchestra.


∙ 07.10.2023 Piano Concerto 4 - Waldo Geuns [more info] [concert]
∙ 08.10.2023 Piano Concerto 1 - Florestan Bataillie [more info] [concert]
∙ 11.11.2023 Piano Concerto 3 - Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort [more info] [concert]
∙ 12.11.2023 Piano Concerto 2 - Florestan Bataillie [more info] [concert]