Brussels Philharmonic | Symfomania! Elgar Symphony | 02.12.23 | Flagey

Symfomania! Elgar Symphony 1


Discover everything about the First Symphony by Edward Elgar! Step into the world of Symfomania! and get ready for a musical journey that will ignite your imagination! Our dynamic workshops kids 10+ are filled with love stories, fairy tales, thund ...

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workshop + concert: €15

WORKSHOPS 2023-2024

∙ 08.10.2023 Rachmaninov Festival: Piano Concerto 1 [workshop at 13:30] [concert]
∙ 12.11.2023 Rachmaninov Festival: Piano Concerto 2 [workshop at 13:30] [concert]
∙ 02.12.2023 Elgar: Symphony No. 1 [workshop at 19:30] [concert]

the Symfomania! workshops take place in French and in Dutch

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