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tipsy carmina?

in Carmina Burana, we sing about life and death, fate and love, but also: about beer - dive into the atmosphere and discover numerous young and vibrant Brussels breweries

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Interview Oren Ambarchi

"we’ll be improvising. It’s an interaction between myself, Ilan and the orchestra" - learn more about the composition Sous Vide through this interview with the composer


Who is Kalliwoda?

Kalli-who? Kalliwoda! He was a key figure during his time, but soon forgotten after his death... Who is this mystery-man?

2023 Brussels Philharmonic Rachmaninov Festival c Wouter Van Vaerenbergh 252

new: Deconstructed

a new series of music lectures in which experienced pianist Florestan Bataillie unravels the secrets of illustrious piano concertos

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job vacancy: stagehand

as stagehand you will work within the production team, and help ensure the efficient daily operation of the orchestra and choir in terms of logistics and technology