Brussels Philharmonic | Kazushi Ono

Kazushi Ono


This marvelously passionate conductor (‘a phenomenon’, according the French newspaper Le Figaro) divides, as from September 2022, his time between Tokyo (where he is music director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra and artistic director of the New National Theatre Tokyo) and Brussels, where he begins his tenure as music director of the Brussels Philharmonic: "I am really impressed by the full sound, the versatility and the passion of the musicians."



Haydn & Mozart

thu 25.01.2024 DE WARANDE Turnhout
fri 26.01.2024 FLAGEY Brussels

Mahler 1

sat 03.02.2024 FLAGEY Brussels

Ligeti <> Bartók

fri 26.04.2024 FLAGEY Brussels
sat 27.04.2024 DE BIJLOKE Ghent

Carmina Burana

fri 21.06.2024 FLAGEY Brussels
sat 22.06.2024 FLAGEY Brussels
sun 23.06.2024 FLAGEY Brussels

music director Kazushi Ono


Kazushi Ono’s musical personality was formed by the cultures of both Japan, where he was born, and Europe, where he studied. His work reflects both influences and crosses styles and forms, from Baroque to new commissions and from orchestral to opera. He has worked in opera houses and concert halls all over the world and recently took over as Music Director of Brussels Philharmonic while also serving as Music Director of Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra (TMSO) and Artistic Director of New National Theatre Tokyo.

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Haydn: Die Schöpfung

fri 15.09.2023 CONCERTGEBOUW Bruges
sat 16.09.2023 FLAGEY Brussels

Strauss: Ein Heldenleben

sat 30.09.2023 FLAGEY Brussels

Brahms 4

fri 15.12.2023 DE BIJLOKE Ghent
sat 16.12.2023 FLAGEY Brussels

Scriabin: Le divin poème

thu 21.12.2023 DE WARANDE Turnhout
fri 22.12.2023 FLAGEY Brussels

Happy 2024!

fri 05.01.2024 FLAGEY Brussels
sun 07.01.2024 CONCERTGEBOUW Bruges

Mozart/Mahler 5

sat 01.10.2022 FLAGEY Brussels
sun 02.10.2022 FLAGEY Brussels

Mozart & Haydn

sat 10.12.2022 FLAGEY Brussels

Stravinsky & Scriabin

fri 16.12.2022 DE BIJLOKE Ghent
sat 17.12.2022 FLAGEY Brussels


sat 21.01.2023 FLAGEY Brussels

Dvorák: Stabat Mater

fri 03.03.2023 SINT-ELISBATEHKERK Kortrijk
sat 04.03.2023 FLAGEY Brussels

Messiaen: Turangalîla

thu 04.05.2023 BOZAR Brussels
fri 05.05.2023 CONCERTGEBOUW Bruges
sat 06.05.2023 DE SINGEL Antwerp

Strauss: Don Quixote

fri 02.06.2023 DE BIJLOKE Ghent
sat 03.06.2023 FLAGEY Brussels